Choosing the best place for his business is very important for the success of a business manager. Choosing a good partner is also a source of serenity for an owner. The development of surfaces to rent is one of the main activities of the Remicom network. Remicom is today Number One of the rental of commercial surfaces and that is not a coincidence. Only a specialist is able to show to a shopkeeper or a business manager the ideal surface.

With us, everyone will find the service he needs.

For owners, to work with Remicom means :

  • To have an ideal assistance to find quickly the person who will be able to develop the project.

  • To find a partner who will solve all the problems in the search of a commercial tenant.

  • To be sure to dismiss all the applications without interest.


For business managers or shopkeepers, to work with Remicom means :

  • To find in one click hundreds of available commercial surfaces.

  • To find a single contact who will choose the best commercial person.

  • To save time and money by visiting only the specific surfaces.

  • To increase the chances to find the best business corresponding to the available budget.

The Remicom network allows all the commercial partners to have the best visibility of the rental market.

Our job is to allow you to focus on yours by saving you time and money.

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