Professionalism, confidentiality, speed, tenacity : Remicom is a service created by shopkeepers for shopkeepers. Join the network which will accompany you for the buying or the transfer of your business. With us, success is waiting for you.


Join the largest Swiss network specialized in the business transfer by trusting the specialists of Remicom. Evaluation, monitoring, negotiation : you will be escorted by our collaborators until the realization of your proposed purchase or sale.


Do you want to have your own walls for your business ? Do you want to sell your commercial business ? Trust Number One in the sales of offices, commercial surfaces and stores in Switzerland. Remicom is the specialized network in the meet of partners in the field of commercial business.


Are you looking for a commercial surface, an office, a store ? Do you want to rent or sublet your business in the shortest time ? Trust Number One of the rent of commercial surfaces in Switzerland. Remicom is the specialized network in the meet of partners of commercial business.



To have an idea is good. To be able to realize and to finance it, it is even better. Investment credit, treasury financing, real estate credit, leasing, suppliers credit, factoring, so many possibilities to help you to start or to continue the development of your project.




A conscientious shopkeeper or business manager knows to call qualified partners. You have a gold project, a good idea, but you don’t know to make it grow. Our training program is very good to bring you to success.



Who are we ?

  • 20 agencies at your service in Switzerland
  • 5,000 online offers available for Switzerland and France
  • More than 1000 transactions a year
  • 500,000 visitors a month on its site
  • An online television with a hundred emissions of advice for the business managers.




Envie de liberté ?

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Créez votre propre cabinet d’affaire

dans votre ville !

Devenez franchisé exclusif

du réseau Remicom

Premier réseau Suisse

d’agence spécialisée
en transaction de fonds de commerce,

transmission d’entreprise.

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20 agences en Suisse


1000 transactions par an !

1500 produits à la vente !



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